Past Projects

Hello again.  When I started the blog I envisioned daily blog posts, but let’s get real. Some days I barely find the time to brush my teeth. I decided to do a little recap of some of my favorite projects of 2013. Pororo Party Let’s start with Pororo, a cheeky little penguin who entered our lives in the beginning of the year.  For a period of time my daughter lived and breathed this penguin, so it was the obvious pick for her 2nd birthday.

If it weren’t for this garage space, by the way, none of these projects would have happened. We “upgraded” when we found out our family size was about to double, and moved into a unit that came with its own garage. Here, I was 9 months pregnant with the triplets when I was painting Pororo and his friends. Yes, the love of a mother knows no bounds…

Of course the party wouldn’t be complete without Pororo’s signature specs.

Or some Pororo macarons…

Or a surprise visit from Pororo himself…in the flesh!

This moment in time will always be special to me.  It was the last family gathering before by father got sick. A week after this party, my dad went in for chemo.

The School Bus By this time, she had long left the penguin in the dust and moved on to bigger and better things.  She eventually became passionate about big yellow school buses, and just like the penguin, these consumed her. She’d point out every bus she saw, ask me to Youtube buses, sing Wheels on the Bus all day long, and ask me to draw buses. A little obsessive, I know. Anyways, that’s how this inspiration came about. So I had an old box (which held a car seat in its previous life) and was the perfect fit for the Joovy Caboose stroller (great stroller for two kids, by the way).

Fit like a glove!

With several coats of paint (and my personal cheerleader),

we were ready to go trick or treating.  Perfect Halloween costume, why? My kid got to ride in her costume, not to mention the unlimited candy storage space.

And it even came with an emergency exit, you know, in case she started drowning in her candy.



For the triplets’ first Halloween, they were a crime-fighting trio: Spidermantha, The Dark K(n)ate, and Mark Kent (aka Superman). I painted a cityscape backdrop hoping it would motivate the triplets to uh…fight crime. (Again, mad props to my garage)

The shoot went relatively smoothly, except for one moment when Spidermantha tried to knock me off my ladder.


5 thoughts on “Past Projects

  1. You MUST submit these photos in to somewhere.. A competition.. Magazine.. Anything! Can’t get over your talent, energy, and dedication to doing such cool things for your children.

  2. i ABSOLUTELY adore the photo of Noni receiving Pororo out of the box. Sheer joy on that face. Those photos are priceless and worth it all x1000

  3. I can’t believe you even considered daily posts. You’re crazy.
    I love Noni’s face when she sees the Pororo doll.
    Excited for 2014 projects!

  4. YOU.ARE.A.ROCKSTAR.MOM! Seriously, I not only admire your ability to care for four children, but I’m totally digging your creativity! I thought I would do daily blog posts, too. I follow some bloggers who post 2-3x a day! Now I’m happy if I can post weekly. Happy blogging!:)

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